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2019-05-18 Lydia-Janice_Nelson_5-18-2019.mp3 Play
2019-05-18 Mission_Story-Jim_Anderson-Barry_Kimbrough.mp3 Play
2019-05-11 A_Mother’s_Love-B_Kimbrough_5-11-2019.mp3 Play
2019-05-04 Discovering_God’s_Will_in_Daily_Living_5-4-2019.mp3 Play
2019-04-27 Sermon 114-B_Biegel-4-27-2019.mp3 Play
2019-04-20 Resurrection_Power-B_Kimbrough_4-20-2019.mp3 Play
2019-04-18 Jim_Ball_Memorial.mp3 Play
2019-04-13 Communion-B_Kimbrough_4-13-2019.mp3 Play
2019-04-06 The_Power_of_Prayer_and_Fasting-B_Kimbrough_4-6-2019.mp3 Play
2019-03-30 Change_We_Can_Believe_In-B_Kimbrough_3-30-2019.mp3 Play
2019-03-25 Let_It_Rain-T_Vipond_3-23-2019.mp3 Play
2019-03-16 The_Little_Bible-_B_Kimbrough-3-16-2019.mp3 Play
2019-03-09 Easier_To_Be_Lost_or_Saved-L_Goodgame_3-9-2019.mp3 Play
2019-03-02 A_Picture_of_Last_Day_Christians-B_Kimbrough_3-2-2019.mp3 Play
2019-02-23 Deliverance_D_Winslow_2-23-2019.mp3 Play
2019-02-16 Three_Gifts_From_Jesus_2-16-2019.mp3 Play
2019-02-09 The_Snake_In_The_Apple_Tree_-_The_Children-2-9-2019.mp3 Play
2019-02-02 Freedom_of_Faith-_B_Kimbrough_2-2-2019.mp3 Play
2019-01-26 Watchman_on_the_Wall_-T_Bischoff_1-26-2019.mp3 Play
2019-01-19 A_Deeper_Experience-B_Biegel_1-19-2019.mp3 Play
2019-01-12 When_Not_Giving_is_Good-B_Kimrough_1-12-2019.mp3 Play
2019-01-05 God’s_Power_and_Presence-B_Kimbrogh-1-5-2019.mp3 Play
2018-12-29 In_Meditating_In_Serving_-_B_Kimbrough-_12-29-2018.mp3 Play
2018-12-22 When_Jesus_Came_to_Town_-_D_Winslow_12-22-2018.mp3 Play
2018-12-15 Celebrating_Jesus-B_Kimbrough-12-15-2018.mp3 Play
2018-12-08 Sermon_113-_B_Biegel-12-7-2018.mp3 Play
2018-12-02 Power_for_Mission-_B_Kimbrough_12-1-2018.mp3 Play
2018-11-24 Thanksgiving_Program_11-24-2018.mp3 Play
2018-11-10 Overcoming_Trials_Through_Faith-B_Kimbrough_11-10-2018.mp3 Play
2018-11-03 Which_One_Of_Three-Kimbrough_11-3-2018.mp3 Play
2018-10-27 Steps_to_Personal_Revival-B_Kimbrough_10-27-2018.mp3 Play
2018-10-20 New_Beginnings-D_Winslow_10-20-2018.mp3 Play
2018-10-20 The_Appearing-B_Biegel_10-13-2013.mp3 Play
2018-10-06 Sermon_112_B_Biegel_10-6-2018.mp3 Play
2018-10-20 Prayer_Series-K_Wilfley_9-29-2018.mp3 Play
2018-10-20 Prayer_Series-K_Wilfley_9-28-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-30 Prayerful_Living-K_Wilfley_9-29-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-30 Unlocking_Heaven_s_Storehose-K_Wilfley_9-29-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-29 Power_of_Intercessory_Prayer-Kevin_Wilfley_9-29-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-29 Acquiring_the_Skill_of_Prayer-Kevin_Wilfley_9-28-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-22 Have_You_Met_Jesus-_Dwight_Winslow_9-22-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-15 Epic_Failure_-_Wilmer_Hechanova_9-15-2018.mp3 Play
2018-09-08 Sermon_111_Bob_Biegel_9-8-2018.mp3 Play
2018-08-25 Sermon 110 Bob Biegel 8-25-2018.mp3 Play
2018-08-18 Happiness Hacked T Bischoff 8-18-2018.mp3 Play
2018-08-11 Care_and_Feeding_of_a_New_Pastor_-_D_Winslow_8-11-2018.mp3 Play
2018-08-04 God is Love - Douglas Garcia 8-4-2018.mp3 Play
2018-07-28 The Zeitgeist of the Age Dwight Winslow 7-28-2018.mp3 Play
2018-07-21 Garden Time Fred Bischoff July 7-21-2018.mp3 Play
2018-07-14 Relational Integrity Tom Bischoff 7-14-2018 Play
2018-07-07 Sermon Number 109 Bob Biegel 7-7-2018.mp3 Play
2018-06-30 5 Pillars of SDA Faith - Jim Anderson 6-30-2018.mp3 Play
2018-06-23 Secret Believers D Winslow 6-26-2018 Play
2018-06-09 Noah's Wife - Janice Nelson 6-9-2018 Janice Nelson Play
2018-05-26 What is in a name II - Dr Dwight Winslow 5-26-2018 Dwight Winslow Play
2018-05-19 The Trinity Mystery Lou Goodgame 5-19-2018.mp3 Lou Goodgame Play
2018-04-21 Things We Have Heard-Tom Bischoff 4-21-2018.mp3 Play
2018-04-14 Sermon 106 B Biegel 4-14-2018.mp3 Play
2018-04-14 Sermon 105 B Biegel 3-24-2018.mp3 Play
2018-04-14 Resurrection Music Program J Ball 3-31-2018.mp3 Play
2018-04-07 It is finished - Dr Nadine Collins.mp3 Dr Nadine Collins Play
2018-03-10 Storm_Wilmer_Hechanova_3-10-2018.mp3 Play
2018-03-10 Endeavor_to_Persevere_Dwight_Winslow_3-3-2018.mp3 Play
2018-03-10 Afternoon Charles Byrd Play
2018-03-10 Morning Charles Byrd.mp3 Play
2018-02-17 Easier To Be Lost or Saved? 2-17-2018 Lou Goodgame Play
2018-02-10 Simplicity T Bischoff 2-10-2018 Tom Bischoff Play
2018-02-03 Sermon 103 Bob Biegel 2-3-2018.mp3 Bob Biegel Play
2018-01-27 Why go to Church D Winslow 1-27-2018 Dwight Winslow Play
2018-01-20 The Girdle of Gladness 1-20-2018.mp3 Shernette Wallace Play
2018-01-13 The Law of Reciprocal Dependence and Influence.mp3 Tom Bischoff Play
2018-01-06 1844- A Day of Infamy 1-6-2018.mp3 Jim Anderson Play
2017-12-16 Christmas Program 12-16-2017 Play
2017-11-11 Jesus Saves To The Uttermost. Lou Goodgame Play
2017-08-29 Born of the Spirit C Shultz 8-26-2017 Play
2017-08-20 What Burns In Your Heart? 8-19-2017.mp3 Dr. Terry Vipond Play
2017-05-02 The Treasure Pastor Shultz 4-29-201 Pastor Shultz Play
2017-01-02 Vessels 12-31-2016 Play
2016-09-28 The Unpardonable Sin-Shultz_9-27-2016.mp3 Shultz Play
2016-09-28 Fear Not Pastor_Shultz_9-24-2016.mp3 Pastor Shultz Play
2016-07-03 Whom or What Shall I Fear? Charles Shultz Play
2016-07-03 The Roots of Our Sins Tatianna escobar Play
2016-05-27 Measuring The Temple 5-14-2016 C Shultz Play
2016-05-21 Let The Waters Rise 3-5-2016. Tatianna Escobar Play
2016-02-09 The Threefold Union. C Shultz 2-6-2016 Play
2016-01-26 Is the Protest Over? C Shultz Play
2015-12-14 Longing 12-12-2015 C Shultz Play
2015-11-18 Dying in Jesus C Shultz11-14-2015 Play
2015-11-11 Planting seeds C Shultz 11-7-2015 Play
2015-10-17 Ichabod to Emmanuel W Hechanova Play
2015-08-19 Am I in a cult? Charles Shultz Play
2015-07-25 How to keep the commandments? Charles Shultz Play
2015-06-18 Saving Health Charles Shultz Play
2015-06-18 The faith of Jesus Charles Shultz Play
2015-05-28 Last Day Deceptions 5-23-2015 C Shultz Play
2015-05-06 C_Shultz_4-25-12015.mp3 Charles Shultz Play
2015-03-18 C Schultz 3-14-2015 Charles Schultz Play
2015-03-13 G Hamilton Afternoon 3/7/2015p3 Play
2015-03-11 Greg Hamilton Sermon 3-7-2015 Play
2015-02-21 Kelly Mowrer The Lord's Prayer 2-21-2015 Kelly Mowrer Play
2015-02-04 Who is the Church? Charles Shultz Play
2014-11-29 After Thanksgiving-What? 11/29/2014 Charles Shultz Play
2014-11-08 Lesson Book 11/8/2014 Charles Shultz Play
2014-06-30 Millennium 6-21-2014.mp3 L Goodgame Play
2014-06-30 Mediation Part 1 5-31-2014.mp3 Ty Gibson Play
2014-06-30 Mediation Part 2 5-31-2014.mp3 Ty Gibson Play
2014-06-30 The Joys of Salvation 2-24-2014.mp3 J Galvez Play
2014-03-14 L Goodgame Angels Among Us 3-15-2014.mp3 L Goodgame Play
2014-02-08 Tanya Huether- Is he worth the wait? -2/8/2014 Tanya Huether Play
2014-02-06 Jose Galvez-The Door of the Sheep 1-11-2014.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2014-02-06 L Goodgame - Itchy Gnostic Ears 1-18-2014.mp3 L Goodgame Play
2014-02-06 Wilmer Hechanova -Growing 11-16-2013.mp3 Wilmer Hechanova Play
2013-11-15 J Galvez Why is Christ coming again? 11/16/2013 J Galvez Play
2013-06-27 J Galvez "Fathers Like the Heavenly Father" 6-22-2013 Play
2013-06-27 Tanya Huether "Graffiti in the Holy Place"-4-20-2013 Play
2012-09-12 B_Biegel_The_one_Constant_9-1-2012.mp3 Play
2012-09-12 J_Ball_What_Calvary_Did_8-11-2012.mp3 Play
2012-09-12 J_Galvez_Early_Church_8-4-2012.mp3 Play
2012-09-12 C_Shultz_Laboring_To_Rest_6-16-2012.mp3 Play
2012-05-25 Pastor_Galvez_3-24-2012.mp3 Play
2012-05-25 Pastor_Galvez_2-25-2012.mp3 Play
2012-05-25 Pastor_Galvez_2-11-2012.mp3 Play
2012-05-25 Pastor_Galvez_1-14-2012.mp3 Play
2011-09-01 Two_people_groups-Bob_Biegel_7-16-2011.mp3 Play
2011-09-01 Practicing_forgiveness-Pastor_Galvez_5-28-2011.mp3 Play
2011-09-01 Honor_your_mother-Pastor_Galvez_5-7-2011.mp3 Play
2011-09-01 Jerusalem_your_king_is_coming-Pastor_Galvez_4-9-2011.mp3 Play
2010-10-09 How He Will Come Pastor Galvez Play
2010-10-09 Great Commission on a Personal Level Pastor Galvez Play
2010-10-09 Fogged In Charles Shultz Play
2010-10-09 Why So Much Suffering Pastor Galvez Play
2010-10-09 The Results of Real Love Pastor Galvez Play
2010-10-09 The Reason for Unity Pastor Galvez Play
2010-08-20 The Heart of Unity Pastor Galvez Play
2010-07-30 Belief And Rest Bob Biegel Play
2010-07-02 Principals Of Freedom Pastor Galvez Play
2010-06-18 How To Be A Great Father Pastor Galvez Play
2010-06-11 Word From The Lord Pastor Galvez Play
2010-06-04 Bread Of Life Pastor Galvez Play
2010-05-28 Battle For Freedom Pastor Galvez Play
2010-05-21 A New Creation Pastor Galvez Play
2010-05-14 Unbelief And Rest Bob Biegel Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__13.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__12.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__11.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__10.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__9.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__8.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__7.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__6.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__5.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__4.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__3.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__2.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-04-30 Cosmic_Conflict__1.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-03-12 Good Neighbors 3-6-10.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-03-12 First Things 2-27-2010.mp3 Jose Galvez Play
2010-02-18 TrueLove Jose Galvez Play
2009-09-13 Must Needs Go Threw Samaria Jose Galvez Play
2009-09-13 Don't Run From The Cross Bob Biegel Play
2009-07-25 The Justice of Judgement 1 BobBiegel Play
2009-07-25 The Justice of Judgement 2 BobBiegel Play
2009-03-27 7 Passages To Freedom Bob Biegel Play
2009-07-12 The Bible Jose Galvez Play
2009-07-08 Independece Day Jose Galvez Play
2009-02-11 Karen Scott 1/9/2009 Play
2008-10-04 The exceptional prayer. Charles Shultz Play
2008-10-07 The beauty of God's grace. Leroy Finck Play
2008-10-04 Why go to church. Charles Shultz Play
2008-10-04 The scary prayer. Charles Shultz Play
2008-08-31 Lessons from young Daniel . Virginia Smith Phd Play
2008-09-26 The sweet bitter message. Charles Shultz Play
2008-08-16 Our attitude toward the 2nd coming. Charles Shultz Play
2008-08-16 The mad wife disease. Charles Shultz Play
2008-08-21 The mad husband disease2-28-04 Charles Shultz Play
2008-08-23 The three desires of a woman5-8-04. Charles Shultz Play
2008-07-25 Principles For Understanding Prophecy Charles Shultz Play
2008-07-27 Two Stories Calvin Smith Phd. Play
2008-08-15 How to make good decisions 4/24/2004 Charles Shultz Play
2008-07-27 When God Sends You to School. David Schmidt Play
2008-07-27 Why be a Christian? Charles Shultz Play